‘Wolf Winters’ by Hannah Adamaszek

In our SHOP is the newest release from Hannah Adamaszek. ’Wolf Winters’ is a 110 cm x 95 cm acrylic, spray paint and charcoal painting on canvas. It’s available now for $1,300 and is shipped with a FREE print from Hannah’s ‘Midnight Walker’ edition.

‘Wolf Winters’


Canvas Sale and FREE Shipping on All Prints

Vandal Factory is running a special promotion for the next two weeks. We are offering free shipping on all prints, which includes editions from Hannah Adamaszek and Brian Fitzgerald.  We have also reduced the price on all original works by 20-50%!  Check out all these great deals in the Vandal Factory SHOP.


‘Argo’ by VF Studio

Original 1980 CIA Poster

Original 1980 CIA Poster

From deep within the CIA’s files comes the latest release from Vandal Factory: Argo.

Most now know of the operation to help six American diplomats escape Iran in 1980 from the blockbuster film by the same name. The cover story used during the rescue was that the diplomats were members of a film crew scouting the location of a new sci-fi movie. To carry out the mission, the CIA set up a functioning office in Hollywood, obtained a script, and even created a pre-production movie poster. VF Studio, the creative wing of Vandal Factory, has meticulously reproduced this CIA-designed poster, and will be offering this screenprint on a timed release starting at 12:00 pm Eastern on Friday, February 22nd for $55.

As a bonus, VF Studio has also created a red variant edition numbered to 25. The first ten purchasers will receive both the variant and original edition, and the remainder will be randomly added to the remaining orders.

The 18″ x 24″ inch screenprints will be printed on 250 gsm Somerset textured paper. Production is being handled by Tim Doyle’s Nakatomi Print Labs. Each print will be numbered, with the edition size limited to those sold during the timed release.

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‘Argo’ by VF Studio:

Argo Black

‘Argo’ Variant:

Argo Red

‘Argumentative’ by Brian Fitzgerald

On Thursday, January 31st at 1:00 pm EST, we will be releasing ‘Argumentative’ by Brian Fitzgerald. Brian has created this five color silkscreen print featuring Emmeline Pankhurst, a British suffragette known for her violent and militant tactics.  This is an edition of 30, measuring 45 cm x 64 cm (approx. 25″ x 18″), and will be available for $45 in our Shop.

Also, 5 lucky fans will receive a free print from Brian along with their purchase. These 5 artworks (4 unique and 1 AP) will be randomly included with the ‘Argumentative’ prints.  Good luck!

‘Argumentative’ by Brian Fitzgerald


Giveaway Prints

Brian Fitzgerald Print Giveaway

Five lucky fans will receive an extra, free print when they purchase Brian Fitzgerald’s upcoming release, dropping later this month. With an edition size of 30, that’s a 1 in 6 chance to walk away with one of these amazing pieces of art. The five include four unique prints and one AP.  Enjoy!

IMG_0006IMG_0005All we have to keep us together June2012 (2)IMG_0007IMG_0008

In the Studio: Brian Fitzgerald

Later this month, we will be featuring a new release from Brian Fitzgerald. He’s been hard at work hand pulling these prints, and we have a sneak peek below. Stay tune for more details.

And did we mention, we will be giving away a handful of Brian’s unique works and APs with this edition…

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

Luke Insect Joins Vandal Factory

gynoid_mk_1 Vandal Factory is proud to announce the latest addition to our artist lineup, Luke Insect. After working as a designer at the Soho-based creative agency, The Leisure Process, Luke headed east to a remote corner of the near-empty Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, and set up cult design & illustration collective INSECT with his partner Paul. For 10 years INSECT perfected their oddball image mongering, maximalist illustration style & surreal pop art imagery. In 2007, Luke headed down to Brighton to set up his own boutique studio, focusing on design & illustration for the youth, fashion & music markets.

Click here for Luke’s full profile and gallery.

Also, visit our Shop to check out Luke’s first available works — 5 window installation pieces from the “ON” exhibition at the Acid House Art & 21st Century Psychedelia in London/Berlin.

Window Installations by Luke Insect



‘Midnight Walker’ by Hannah Adamaszek

On Tuesday, November 27th, Vandal Factory will be releasing a new original work from Hannah Adamaszek titled ‘Midnight Walker.’ This canvas measures in at a huge 100×100 cm and is painted in acrylics, Montana Raspberry, and Bronze. It will be available at 2:00 pm Eastern for $1,300.

Hannah has also created an limited edition set of giclee prints that will be released at the same time for $125/each. This signed and numbered edition of 10 is printed on Hahnemühle – German etching 310gsm paper and measures 50×50 cm. Both will be available in our Shop.


“Spray Can” at the Print Shop

Here’s a look at our grand-opening giveaway from Canvaz – printed and ready to be trimmed. These will be released this Thursday at a random time. Sign up for our Mailing List to receive an alert 30 minutes before the drop.


Also, here’s a sneak peak at Canvaz’s “Lick My Soul.” Five original works coming later this month…

Brian Fitzgerald at ‘Perimetric’

Brian Fitzgerald recently organized the “Perimetric” group exhibition in Ireland.  In the show was his newest creation, “All That We’ve Got To Keep Us Together Part II,”  made up of  988 individual relief prints on plaster. More photos of the show can be seen on Brian’s Facebook page.

All That We’ve Got To Keep Us Together Part II (2012)