Brian Fitzgerald

untitled-nuns-and-children-copy Brian aims to build on and use elements of visual culture such as mass printed media and visual perception and interpretation in his work, cross-referencing them with philosophy and human development. Using himself and his interpretation and understanding of the world as the departure point, he aims to create work that is engaging, evocative and compelling.

Brian’s work is centred on the idea of identity, both collective and personal. He is concerned predominantly with the formation of it within the wider context of an aggressive visual culture. He makes the work to try to question and understand society, the belief structures and values that are contained within it, to create a dialogue between the viewer, their own values and experiences and to try and raise questions of the world in which they occupy playing on narrative, understanding and meaning. Issues such as emigration, religion, stereotyping, colonialism and conflict, amongst others, emerge from the visual dialogues. Brian works in a variety of mediums and materials ranging from painting to print, sculpture and installation and feels the materiality used in the production of the visual piece the experience of the viewer has major roles to play in how work is understood.

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